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What does encrypting a Kit with WitCrypt do?

You can turn WitCrypt on for your Kits at any time. But, remember: 

  • Once you turn WitCrypt on, you cannot turn it off
  • Only content posted in your Kit after you have turned on WitCrypt will be encrypted
  • Content posted in your Posts, Tasks, and Calendar will be encrypted
  • Any files uploaded will need to be encrypted with WitCrypt individually

What happens to an encrypted Kit's subscribers?

  • Anyone who was already subscribed to your Kit before WitCrypt was turned on will still be subscribed
  • Any subscriber who has already set a default WitCrypt key will automatically be authorized to access the encrypted Kit
  • Any subscriber who has not already set a default WitCrypt key will be prompted to set their default key before accessing the encrypted Kit. 

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