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Personal Profile Privacy Settings

Just like with the Kit privacy settings, your personal profile can be secret, private or public depending on 2 settings. 

Secret Profile

A secret profile cannot be looked up on Witkit Search, and you must approve anyone that requests to follow your profile. 

Note: People will not be able to find your profile through search, but if you are both part of the same Kit, they will be able to request to follow you. 

How to create a secret profile: 

  • Private profile? YES
  • Viewed in search? NO


Private Profile

A private profile maintains the ability to approve who can follow, but is viewable in Search. 

How to create a private profile:

  • Private profile? YES
  • Viewed in search? YES

Public Profile

A public profile can be searched for by anyone on Witkit, and anyone can follow without having to gain approval. 

How to create a public profile: 

  • Private profile? NO
  • Viewed in search? YES

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