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Linking Google Drive to Witkit Drive

Connecting 3rd party accounts to your Witkit will help bring even more of your work into one place. 

Step 1: Go to Witkit Drive and click on the Drive icon  and choosing Google Drive from the list. 

Under Google, click 'Add Account' and write a nickname. Press Start to authorize the connection. Your Google Drive is now connected to your Witkit Drive. 

Step 2: To edit files from your Google Drive in Witkit, you must first transfer them to Witkit Drive

Go to your Google Drive and select the file you want to transfer. Click the Transfer icon  and choose the Witkit Drive folder to transfer to.

You've got everything you need now to fully link your Google Drive documents to Witkit Drive in order to collaborate and share more efficiently. 

Now, let's get your Dropbox account linked to Witkit Drive


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