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How to Upload Files to Witkit Drive

There are several ways to upload your own files to Witkit Drive. 

Option 1: Upload directly to Witkit Drive

  1. Click on the Navigator Menu icon to access Witkit Drive
  2. Click on the Add icon  to upload a file from your computer, create a new folder or create a new document, spreadsheet or presentation within Witkit Drive

Option 2: Upload files to Witkit Drive from within a chat

  1. While in a one-on-one or group chat, click on the Paperclip icon
  2. Upload a new file by using the Add icon, clicking 'Choose files' or by dragging and dropping a file from your computer

Option 3: Upload files to Witkit Drive from within a Kit

  1. Choose the Files icon from your Kit's Control Panel
  2. Click on the Add icon  to upload a file from your computer


Pretty easy, right?

Let's move to Downloading Files from Witkit Drive


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