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Customizing Your Kit

Now it's time to give your Kit some character and make it your own. Here's how to customize your kit.  

1. Add a cover photo by clicking on the 'Change cover' button 

The minimum image size allowed is 1280px by 400px. The higher the resolution the better - you might be looking at this every day. 

Having trouble finding beautiful free images? Try


2. Customize your Kit by deleting or adding applications

Witkit comes with 6 pre-installed applications in your Kit's Control Panel. Stats, Activities and Files cannot be removed. 

Calendar, Post and Tasks can be removed from your Kit if you do not wish to use them. Don't worry, you can always add that application back later. 

Read more about what the Control Panel does on Witkit

3. Invite Collaborators to your Kit

Type in the name of someone that you want to invite to your Kit. 

Read more about what Collaborators are on Witkit

If you want to invite someone, but you aren't sure if they're already using Witkit, you can invite them using their email address. 

Looking good! Your Kit is really starting to feel like your own. 

Next Up: Understanding Witkit Profiles



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